Introduction Listen

This lesson provides a brief overview of the topic: Nursing with focus on skin and wound care. It is expected that you have already studied the lessons in anatomy and physiology on the topic. The program will give you a better understanding of the care and treatment of chronic wounds. The reason there is greater emphasis on chronic wounds than acute wounds is that chronic wounds are more complicated to treat.

Learning Outcomes
After studying this topic you should be able to:

  • observe, document and report symptoms and signs of problems in relation to the patient’s skin and wounds
  • consider patient’s response to interventions and the nursing rationale in relation to patients skin and wounds
  • have knowledge about various types of wounds and skin problems
  • perform generally accepted principles of wound care
  • be familiar with different types of wound care dressings
  • explain cleansing principles in relation to patient’s skin and wounds
  • helping patients to keep their skin protected