Information has been developed for the DIMEANE project (Development and Implementation of Interactive Mobile E-learning Apps for European Nursing Education) as part of the  ERASMUS+ program, Call 2014, round 1, key action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Action: Strategic Partnerships, Field: Higher Education.

University of Nottingham
Universidad Católica de Valencia
University of Stavanger

The coordinators responsible for the DIMEANE project are:

Department for development of digital learning tools:  NETTOP-UIS

The University of Stavanger, Norway
Primary contact: Atle Løkken, Assistant director, manager of NETTOP-UIS
email: [email protected]


Partners involved in the DIMEANE project are:

The University of Stavanger, Norway
Project contact: Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad, Department of Health Studies
[email protected]


The University of Nottingham, England
Project contact: Professor Heather Wharrad, School of Health and Sciences [email protected]


The Catholic University of Valencia, Spain
Project contact: Dr Santiago Alamar, Department of Nursing Education
[email protected]


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Nursing with focus on Skin and wound care’ is an independent part of, with the following contributors:

Content author: Stian Folkestad, 2010

Linguistic revision: K Whittingham, University of Nottingham, 2016

Narration: Jo Rutt, University of Nottingham, 2016

Illustrations and interactive content: University of Stavanger, NettOp

Foto © Dr. Federico Palomar. PhD. RN. Chair of Dermatology, Wound Care and Skin Integrity, Cátedra Hartmann. Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV, Spain)
Foto © Arne Langøen 2010, editor of the website
Foto © Marcus Gürgen 2010

Final production: University of Stavanger, Nettop, 2016


About the author
Stian Folkestad is a trained nurse and works at Boots pharmacy Samarit in Sandnes. He supports clients, delivers courses and trains of health professionals in the fields of ostomy, catheters, wounds, compression therapy. He assists and guides clients in self-care. Previously Folkestad worked in the emergency unit, in the department in cancer care, and held courses in first aid. He also has received specific education in the ”Care and Treatment of Chronic Wounds”.



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NETTOP, Department for development of digital learning tools

The University of Stavanger,

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