5.2 Wound edges Listen

It is important to protect the wound edges. The wound heals from the edges, so the skin around the wound must be intact for the wound to heal. It is important to observe any maceration of the wound edges, which is particularly common in highly exuding wounds. Barrier films are recommended. These films are applied as a liquid around the wound edges of a wound with a sponge applicator. This liquid then dries to a film acting as a protective barrier for several days.

Analgesic therapy is a crucial factor for wound healing. Pain results in the body releasing the hormone adrenaline, which makes blood vessels contract. This leads to reduced circulation, thus less oxygen to the cells. If the patient experiences pain in relation to the wound, analgesics should be provided before treating the wound. It is important to ensure any dressings or bandages are not adhering to the wound. Any oedema present can lead to pressure on the nerve endings and can be one of the main reasons why patients experience wound pain.